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Electronic Control Board (ECB)

Hybrid Composite has developed an Electronic Control Board which commands three 24VDC, max.12A electric actuators managed by a hall sensor. Application in rugged marine environment defined the philosophy behind the development of the ECB – detailing the design of the hardware, firmware and the IP67 protection box, preventing any corrosion. 

A key feature of the ECB guarantees parallel movement of two actuators with a third actuator controlled independently. Such configurations allow for controlled movements such as lifting platforms, helm stations, automatic hatches / deck platforms, with the ability to positively lock the position with the third actuator. 

Additional features include:

  • Mod-bus port for remote control operation and feed-back
  • Dual-power integrated system to allow for override operation in emergency situations
  • Self-checking and feedback loop firmware which activates alarm setting should there exist a fault or extra-ordinary change in system
  • Setting of actuators is simple and carried out with a portable control box – no need for computer connection or dedicated software.
  • Built-in adjustable fusing system to set the “emergency stopping” requirements of the actuators, i.e. to prevent harm to persons or equipment should either be obstructing
  • IP67 system